Thursday, June 30, 2011

Garden Thursday

Well I have to say that this garden has really been a learning experience !! I am starting to build the fence out of some of the smaller tree's and saplings located on the property. I am cutting them down with a hand saw, on the to buy list is a chain saw lol. Yesterday while cutting down saplings the saw slipped and I now am sporting a deep gash in my thumb :(Anyway's as you can see towards the back is still a large area that needs the sod taken up. A rototiller for next year is in the works too.

This is one of 12 butternut squash plants that I have in the garden. It is the one that is doing the best

It even has the start of a blossom on it

I have 6 cuke plants in too, they weren't doing so great for quite awhile but now seem to be taking off. I think they were not getting enough water before.

These are my sweet pea plants, they are doing o.k. but the ones that I have in the front of the house in a container are doing so much better. The ones in the container are 4 times this size and are loaded with pea's.

This is one of 2 eggplant's that I planted this year. It is doing o.k., smaller then I think it should be but it looks like it will start blooming any day now.

I think that the soil is a bit on the poor side here , but this being my first in ground garden I don't really know if it is the ground or my gardening skills. At the moment I am spending every spare moment reading about gardens, I am also checking up on raised beds to see if that might work out better for next years garden.

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