Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some Link Love

Well my camera broke this week, no clue what happened to it . It just won't turn on :( However here are some cute baby size quilts that I came across this week while surfing on the internet.

Turning Over A New Leaf

Chinese Coins

Bird's Of A Feather
32 * 50

Hot Crossed Buns
39 * 39


Simply Color
44 * 44

Sun Ray
58 * 62

Saturday, July 16, 2011

To Do List

I have alot to do this upcoming week and I thought a list would kind of keep things in order.

1. Make some real progress on the Jean Quilt - I have 2 more rows cut out and sitting in a pile ready to sew together. I would like to do those 2 rows and possibly add another 3 rows or so. I also need to pull out the old graph paper and figure out a new layout for the quilt as I don't have enough of the pink to do the whole quilt and I need to up the quilt from Baby Quilt size to Picnic Blanket size.

2. I need to put together blocks 2 and 3 of the Henrietta Whisker's quilt so I can some what get caught up with the BOM. I would like to get current with the quilt by the first week of August.

3. I would like to cut the pieces for the Birdie Stitches BOM. In the quilt layout it gives the directions for the whole quilt top so I want to get all of the pieces ready to sew together.

I would like to squish more into the upcoming week but I don't want to get to much on my plate and overwhelm myself as this is quite a bit already. There are a couple of doll quilts that I have the peices all cut for and if I finish everything else that I would like to put together .

Friday, July 15, 2011

What Are You Working On ?

In an effort to weed down my UFO pile I have pulled this little mini quilt to work on today. This little cutie has been sitting around for about 2 years waiting on me to bind it. I love this quilt because of the fall fabric's that it has in it. The picture below show's the fabric that I chose for the bunding. In person it is a bit darker then the photo shows. The gray's and oranges go so well with the blocks in the quilt, I picked this fabric ( fat quater) up for .75 at Marden's a few months ago.

If I get really lucky I will be able to get this done today and still have time to work on my Henrietta Whisker's blocks as there is not much to be done on it. I have not decided what I will be working on for tomorrow. I think that I would like to get some work done on my Jean Quilt as I think that it has been neglected for to long, however I just stumbled upon the cutest little BOM that I reeeeaaallly wanna start. It is called Birdie Stitches and can be found here , I found it through the flickr group located here. I really need to be good though and get some of these UFO's out of the way and free up some space so that it is easier for me to work in my little sewing space.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thinking Out Loud

So I have been doing alot of thinking here lately and I really want a long arm. However there is no place in this trailer to put one, what I really need is a sewing studio. That way I could free up my living room to be a living room and I wouldn't have to hog up all of the kitchen table when I wanted to sew.
I have found the perfect spot to put a sewing studio, it is right outside of my kitchen window. Larry said that if I figure out what I wanted and how much to build it that it may be possible to start on it this Spring. I don't want anything huge , maybe 18 x 24 in size. I have a lot of research to do before spring gets here :)

A UFO Bites The Dust

Well after months of this little doll quilt sitting around waiting on me to put on it's binding it is finally out of the UFO pile and up on my kitchen wall. Please excuse the nasty colour of the wall, the people who had this trailer before us had no sense of colour. We decided that the trailer is going once we have everything paid off so only 4 more years of funky coloured walls. We don't know yet if we are going with a double wide or building a house.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Interesting Question

Janet from the Rogue Quilter asked a very interesting question. The question was " How long will you stash last?". Well I am almost ashamed to admit that my stash would not last very long. My entire stash fits into a travel suitcase with some room to spare. However in my defense we do live in a very tiny trailer that barely houses us let alone all of my crafting supplies so I mainly buy for 1 quilt at a time.

Spike loves to hang out in the suitcase while I am quilting and gets quite upset with me if I have to disturb him to get some fabric :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Block 1

Well here is my first block from the Henrietta Whisker's BOM. I'm not to sure if I am happy with it though, I noticed that I chopped one of the points off of my square in a square blocks. Also I'm not to sure about the colours that I picked for Henrietta they tend to blend into the green strip even though her arm and tail are grey. I will do the buttonhole on her and see if I like her better after, if not I will just do another one.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Henrietta Whisker's BOM

Well this morning I just couldn't sleep ( I seem to have lots of morning where I am up way before the sun is) . I came across this wonderful applique BOM from Bunny Hill Designs called Henrietta Whisker's. I have fallen in love with it :) I spent all morning cutting and sewing the pieces for it, as soon as I find the cord to the camera I will post photo's of what I have done so far.

Here is a link to the free patterns

And here is a link to the flickr group

Friday, July 8, 2011

Puppy Love :)

We have a new addition to the family , Spike is a Red Nosed Pitbull and my DH little buddy :)

Here Spike was about to fall asleep, I am so glad that I had the camera handy as these 2 photo's are just way to cute !

Thunder has gotten quite accustomed to spike crawling all over him and he plays so gently with the puppy.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Quilting MoJo and Possible Quilt Along

So in an attempt to bring back my quilting mojo I put together this little pretty. Yup still need to put on the binding but that is cut and all ready to be sewed on. I had fun making it and it was super simple - just what I needed :)

I have been thinking all week about putting up another mini quilt tutorial but have yet to decide on what pattern I would like to do. Today I pulled out my draft paper and colour crayons and played around a bit, I have 3 that are possible candidates. I really like making doll quilts and mini quilts I hope my mojo is back to stay this time :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Marans Chickens

Aren't these just the coolest eggs you have ever seen ? These eggs come from the Marans Chicken. I am wanting to add a bunch of these beauties to my flock.

Above is what is called a Wheatan Maranas and it is the colour that I will soon be adding. However before I purchase them I need to build a separate hen house and run for them. I have a goal to reproduce more of these little buggers and want them to be purebred. I think that the eggs would sell well at the farmer's market.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thinking about Rabbits

So the other day I came across a wonderful deal on Rabbit cages. These 3 cages are huge and I only paid 5 $ each for them. I have been thinking a long time about raising rabbit's to eat as a way to cut down on the meat bill. When I saw these cages I just couldn't help myself, I took my last bit of money to buy them, Larry was less then impressed but they will come in handy next spring. Have a bit of reading up on rabbits to do and need to build something to hold them.