Sunday, September 5, 2010


I know I have been MIA for awhile but life has taken some crazy turns for me . On July the 24 my grandmother went into the hospital. She went in on her 83rd birthday, needless to say she has not yet left the hospital. We have almost lost her 4 times now :( I will not bore you with all the grim detail but we will be bringing her home soon where she can be at home to see the end. I will be driving everyday to her house to help my uncle tend to her.
On to other news, I have recently lost my quilting mojo so until I am am able to find it again I have decided to try my hand at cross stitch. I guess that they have really come a long way in the world of cross stitch since I last dabbled in in 17 years ago. Before everything looked all cutsey and countryish. I have recently discovered Mystic Stitch and Heaven and earth designs. The pattern above is called Lissandrea. I ordered it and have put my first few stitches in.
It's gonna take me forever to finish this but that's alright, it will help me to keep my mind off of things. Anyways I also picked out a few little witch patterns from HAED, I think they are like 7x10 or so. I figure that I will swap between the big and the little.

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