Saturday, July 16, 2011

To Do List

I have alot to do this upcoming week and I thought a list would kind of keep things in order.

1. Make some real progress on the Jean Quilt - I have 2 more rows cut out and sitting in a pile ready to sew together. I would like to do those 2 rows and possibly add another 3 rows or so. I also need to pull out the old graph paper and figure out a new layout for the quilt as I don't have enough of the pink to do the whole quilt and I need to up the quilt from Baby Quilt size to Picnic Blanket size.

2. I need to put together blocks 2 and 3 of the Henrietta Whisker's quilt so I can some what get caught up with the BOM. I would like to get current with the quilt by the first week of August.

3. I would like to cut the pieces for the Birdie Stitches BOM. In the quilt layout it gives the directions for the whole quilt top so I want to get all of the pieces ready to sew together.

I would like to squish more into the upcoming week but I don't want to get to much on my plate and overwhelm myself as this is quite a bit already. There are a couple of doll quilts that I have the peices all cut for and if I finish everything else that I would like to put together .


  1. Wow, you sure DO ahve a lot on your to do list!! Saw you in Carrie's comments. I'm from Maine, too - graduated from Cape Eliz. a million years ago!! I can't place Athens, though. Now I spend time at my sister's in Monmouth. Love your blog. ~karen

  2. What a cute quilt--it must have very small pieces