Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Interesting Question

Janet from the Rogue Quilter asked a very interesting question. The question was " How long will you stash last?". Well I am almost ashamed to admit that my stash would not last very long. My entire stash fits into a travel suitcase with some room to spare. However in my defense we do live in a very tiny trailer that barely houses us let alone all of my crafting supplies so I mainly buy for 1 quilt at a time.

Spike loves to hang out in the suitcase while I am quilting and gets quite upset with me if I have to disturb him to get some fabric :)


  1. I tried to respond to your email--unsuccessfully, for some reason. You do win the prize for the smallest stash so far. Under the circumstances that is completely understandable. But how perfect--a mini stash for mini quilts!
    If you ever fill the suitcase enough to have trouble closing it, you have willing help on hand to squash it down! : )

  2. Spike is adorable. Sometimes I think I let my stash get away from me because I was following what I thought a good quilter does, lol.