Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dragon Love :)

Here she is at 20 hours. I am really pleased with how she is coming out however i don't believe that I will be reaching my goal of finishing her in 25 hours. There is still some stitching to be done, a ton of back stitching and beading. I figure that there is another 10 or so hours to work on her before I see a finish.

I will be keeping her as my car piece instead of trading her out so I may be luck enough to see a finish on her by the end of next week. I have not decided if I will go ahead and start another Futurecast for myself when I complete her or start Dragon Rampant instead. I still have a bit to make that decision though.

I was able to find my mistake on Twilight which ended up with a lot of frogging. I has somehow skipped a 4 row section. After all of that frogging I had to put it away for a little bit I will however get back to stitching on it when it next comes up in my rotation though. I really can't wait to see the end of that project ! I should be able to finish off page 3 on the next round then comes almost a full page of 939 !! Yuck !! I really hope that baby girl likes it when it is done.


  1. wow your dragon is really looking very sweet..looking so lovely.
    well done.
    hugs and kisses cucki xx

  2. Looking great - good luck with reaching your finish!