Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Harvest Moon

Well I was able to finish off Harvest Moon last night while waiting on my son at practice. I think it came out quite nice :) This is the 3rd time I have stitched this pattern and I think it comes out more cute each time. This time I changed the stars from brown to gold and I really like it . Time to pick out another small for the car, I am thinking of using my Futurecast as a car small because I really need to get it finished. I found the perfect ( I think) fabric to go with it at Marden's last month. The next time I show Futurecast I will show the fabric that I picked up.


  1. this is really very sweet stitching..i love it so much..
    keep it up dear..cant wait to see more of it..
    hugs xx

  2. Congrats on another finish!! It's darling. :D