Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And a Restart

Well I am about 400 stitches into Terra Fairy and I hate the look of the tent stitching ! It looked lumpy and bumpy so I spent most of last night and some of this morning taking it all out and let me tell you that really sucked, several times the thing almost went into the trash LOL ! I ordered new fabric from 123 Stitch this morning. I ordered some 32ct evenweave in Rue green. I will be stitching her over 2 as I really want to enjoy stitching on her. However I have started a project on the Bone 25ct. I am doing a ACEO called Magic Witch from HAED. I am stitching her over 1 with 1 thread in full x's and I have to say I like this look alot better.

It is really slow going doing the over 1 thing and I don't feel like I have made much progress. It took me well over an hour to do one itty bitty square of 100 stitches! I am going to go read some of the forums on the HAED BB to see if I can figure this whole over 1 thing out. It may just be that I need to practice doing it, I think that I need to set aside 3 or 4 hours every week to work on the Magic Witch. There are other HAED that I would love to start. I have bought 3 in the last week ! However they are much larger then Magic Witch and I'm afraid if I start them before I get the hang of over 1 stitching then they will become UFO's and I already have enough of them LOL !

Oh my, while looking for my seam ripper this morning I came across 2 more UFO's that were tucked to the back of one of my drawer's in my sewing desk. They are both Nimue patterns, one is called "The Pipe" and the other is called " Poussiere de Fee" . I noticed that I was missing some beads and threads to finish them so I ordered those this morning along with the fabric. Both are pretty small designs though neither one has very much done on it, they shouldn't take very long to finish. I told Larry that I was going to quit looking in small dark places as i think UFO go there to hide and breed LOL ! Off to go do some more stitching now, have a great day !

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