Monday, January 10, 2011

SK Flower Fairy's Rest Update

So I feel like I am really starting to make some headway on this. I am now 2,000 stitches in and that puts me about 16 % done. She is coming off the Q-snaps today for a much needed bath, as you can see my hoop left some yucky marks. I am about to order some 8 inch Q-snaps and then I am throwing all of my darn hoops away !! I really want to keep working on this one though, I am really enjoying it :) I think though that I am going to work on Twilight while she is being cleaned and dried, I would really like to get a good start on page 3 as it has a ton of 939 in it.

In other news I officially start school today ! I am taking online courses through UMA and am majoring in Library Science's. I looked at some of the assignments that are posted on my class website and let me tell you I am scared right out of my britches, I don't know what the heck I was thinking !! Both classes are 100 level classes but the amount of assignments seems a bit overwhelming ! Wish me luck !

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