Saturday, January 15, 2011

I want to be bad !!

So I am so tempted to start these 2 storykeep's from HAED ! They are screaming " Just a few stitches then you can put us away". I think that I need to stay away from the HAED site when they are having sale's LOL ! I am way to distracted by pretty charts. I even ordered the fabric for both of them through 123stitch and it arrived in yesterday's mail. I have decided to stitch them on white 22 ct Aida. They won't be to much bigger then on the 25ct and I won't kill my eye's trying to see the holes. I am going to try to hold out a bit on starting them as I already have 3 HAED WIP"s going at the moment but I don't know much longer I can stand their screaming !

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