Monday, January 24, 2011

A New SAL On 123 Stitch

There is a new SAL starting on the 123 Stitch Message Board and I am quite excited by it. You can pick a HAED or Mystic Stitch project to do. I think that I am joining in with Lissandrea as she is feeling quite neglected as of late. This SAL also might help me to reach my 3 page goal for Lissandrea this year.

So here's the deal/rules...
1) Pick a project. If you're using a project you've already started...take a starting picture.

2) Send me your board name, e-mail address, name of the project, who its designed by, and a before picture or let me know its a new project. I'll put details into a spreadsheet (It won't get shared with anyone) to track the number of updates with stitching you make in the 52 year period.

3) I'll do my BEST to start a post every Sunday (HAED and MS SAL - week xx) for everyone to post an update to. You'll need to post your update within 2 days of the initial post. This way if I get sick or something and I don't end up able to start the post unitl Monday or something, you'll still have 2 days to post your progress.

4) And my favorite part...which will not impact me obviously...In the event that you are uber skilled or just highly motivated...if you finish your HAED or MS piece prior to the 52 weeks being have to start another one. :-) You have to send me the details as in step 2 .

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